Small Business Accounting Software: QuickBooks Add-ons

Mike Block, CPA owns BlockTax.  He and his BlockTax Team won first prize as the world's highest- ranking pre-release beta testers for QuickBooks 6 and 99. For 99 they had 412 points, compared to  215 for the #2 tester. This may be why Intuit no longer tracks test points, though it later gave us more Top Tester awards. 

Mike began specializing in big tax cuts in 1968 & in QuickBooks in 1992. As QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisors, we provide FREE QB problem solving with this website, email, remote Access (QB2002 Accountant Edition,  PC Anywhere), through the QB Pro Advisor on-line help and in person. FREE CPA Services include FREE answers in web newsgroups like alt.accounting and biz.comp.accounting (which Mike moderated).

Mike is a Certified Public Accountant in Florida and was a CPA in New York and New Jersey. He is best known as primary author of the 1993 - 1994 No New Taxes Without Voter Approval and Revenue Limits  tax-cut constitutional amendment petitions and the 1981-84 Citizens Choice on Government Revenue Florida's Proposition 13 petition. He helped qualify them for the ballot, partly with personal arguments before the Florida Supreme Court.

Mike served as an elected Port Everglades Commissioner from 1982-84 & kept campaign promises to return his salary and never let a lobbyist so much as buy him lunch.  His efforts to end government waste led to FBI and grand jury investigations and a referendum abolishing the Commission. 

BlockTax shows the fastest and easiest ways to manage your small business, cut taxes  and increase profits. 


University of Miami, Bachelor of Business Admin. in accounting  - 1962.

Graduate and Continuing Professional Education courses -  accounting, tax, law and computer - University of Miami, University of Florida, Brooklyn Law School, many others.

AICPA Level II, Graduate Record and LSAT exams - top 1% - 2%


Florida Tax Reduction Movement  - President
Florida Taxpayers Union (NTU) - Treasurer - President
Tax Cap Committee - Chairman and Treasurer
Citizens Choice Committee - Treasurer
Taxpayers League of Broward County - Treasurer
National Tax Limitation Comm. - State Coordinator
Limit Government Committee - Treasurer
Nicki Grossman (City Commission) - Treasurer
Robert Lockwood (Court Clerk) - Treasurer
Mel Grossman (Judge) - Treasurer
Patti Englander (Judge) - Treasurer
Terry O'Malley (State Rep.) - Treasurer


America, Florida, NY and NJ Institutes of CPAs
American Arbitration Association - arbitrator
American Tax Reduction Movement
Mortgage Broker - Florida
National Taxpayers Union