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The Reports menu lists several related to inventory operation.  Most of these reports have a fixed set of columns, which cannot be changed by customizing.

Stock Status by Item lists description, preferred vendor, items on hand and on order, and number sold.  This report includes no dollar values.

Stock Status by Vendor is similar to the report above, but subtotaled by preferred vendor.

Valuation Summary lists item name, description, count on hand, cost and value, sales price, and retail value, plus some percentages.  One column is headed Avg Cost.  It displays average cost, rounded to the nearest cent.

Valuation Detail displays acquisitions and dispositions for a stated time period and count on hand, with dollar values.

Physical Invt Worksheet lists item name, description, preferred vendor, number on hand, and a blank line for physical count.  If desired, the On Hand number can be suppressed by reducing the column width to zero.

Price List shows item name, description, retail price, and preferred vendor.  This report can be customized to show more or fewer columns.  In QuickBooks 5 it is under List Reports.


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