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Loading the Accountants Review copy

The review copy is normally taken to the accountants office using floppy disk(s). The review copy will be brought in by a routine that is a minor modification of restoring a backup copy.  The accountant receives the Accountants Review file from the user, who has generated it as described above, and loads it into his computer which must be running QuickBooks 5 or QuickBooks Pro 5. 

At the accountants computer, QuickBooks must be running.  Insert the floppy disk. Click File|AccountantsReview| Start UsingAccountantsCopy.  Select drive a: (floppy drive) and double-click on the name of the review copy.  This process is essentially the same as restoring a backup, and will set up a working copy.  The next dialog box will ask for a name.  Enter something suitable for the purpose.  The suffix .qba should not be changed.

Files are interchangeable at the same version level, and QuickBooks 5 files can be interchanged with QuickBooks Pro 5 files.

Every version of QuickBooks has historically marked company data files, so that they cant be used with an earlier version, but can convert to a later one.  We can expect this to hold true for future versions.  Normally files can be interchanged between QuickBooks 5 or QuickBooks Pro 5, between QuickBooks 4 or QuickBooks Pro 4, and between QuickBooks 3.1 and QuickBooks Pro (no version number, July 1995.)  The non-pro versions will receive data unique to the Pro versions but will not display or change it.

For future versions, we can expect that the accountant will need to have QuickBooks of the same vintage as the client.


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