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Extracting Accountants Review copy

Before shipping out the accountants copy, note that, while it is out, operation within the company file is slightly restricted.  Plan accordingly.

To extract the review copy, have one or more floppy disc appropriately labeled.  The accountants review copy is essentially a specially tagged backup copy, and will require as many disks as a normal backup.  For that matter, backing up first is an excellent idea.  Moving the file is similar to making a  backup, and the procedures and precautions for backing up apply here.  With the company file open, clicking File| AccountantsReview| CreateAccountantsCopy starts the process.

The accountants copy needs a name designed for easy tracking.  A name pointing back to the client is a good idea.  The accountant should know if the client has more than one QuickBooks company file.  It may be necessary to label the disk, not only with the clients name, but with the source filename.


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