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Other symptoms

General Protection Fault XE "General Protection Fault"  (GPF) or This program has performed an illegal operation XE "illegal operation:program performed"  means that the operating system did not like something that a program did.  Each program is allocated a working area in memory. If a program tries to access memory outside its authorized area, it gets its hand slapped, and may be shut down. The protection involved is the system that protects memory from unauthorized access.

GPF in QBWIN.DLL XE "QB... .DLL" , which is actually the principal operating file in QuickBooks, indicates the possibility of an interfering program. It also could mean a data file problem which requires Rebuild.

GPF in QBWPR.DLL indicates a printer driver problem, as discussed in Chapter 15.

GPF in QBWREPT.DLL relates to a problem in generating a report, typically occurring in a file converted from QuickBooks 2.0, involving sales tax.

EMM386 has detected error #6 in ... is an error reported back by the extended memory manager, which is loaded by CONFIG.SYS. This problem occurs only in Windows 3.1 with MS-DOS and may be corrected by installing a larger and permanent Windows virtual memory swap file (requires skill in setting up Windows.)

Mouse pointer XE "mouse pointer:faint"  (cursor) (or letters in title bar) become yellow XE "title bar:faint letters"  or faint and hard to see:  This has been attributed to WordPerfect 6, and apparently was fixed in WordPerfect 7.  If it appears, the only solution is to exit and re-start Windows, without using WordPerfect, or to buy WordPerfect 7.  People commenting on this have said that the definitions of Windows colors have been changed.


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