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Error Codes

These solutions were contributed by technicians in QuickBooks Technical Support, when they were participating in the CompuServe QuickBooks Forum.

C=3, C=9, or C=10

      1.  Hard drive full or nearly full.

      2.  When backing up, disk is not usable

      3.  When restoring, backup disk is bad (Ouch!)  Try copying to the hard drive (do not overwrite anything) and restoring from there.


      When running Condense Data, file is too large (reported from one user, with a file size of 52 MB.  Other live with larger files.)


      1.  Seen after upgrading to a new version of QuickBooks, related to payroll operations. Recommended fix was to open a new directory for QuickBooks, and install the earlier version there.  Then the backup of the earlier file was restored there, and Rebuild Data run on the restored file.

C=32, or Error -35

      File has been used in a later version of QuickBooks.  Each new version of QuickBooks has used an updated data structure, and files cant be used in an earlier version.

C=43 or 44

      QuickBooks encountered a problem in reading the file. These problems can usually be cured with one or more passes of Rebuild Data.


      Possibly due to low memory.  Try Clicking Window|Close All, and starting again.  Look at the Preferences|View|Desktop.  If the desktop is saved when closing the company, but never cleared, too many windows could be open.  Also hit Control-Escape, and check the task list, to see if other programs could be terminated.  In Windows, set up a large, permanent virtual memory swap file.  If these do not help. try Verify and Rebuild.


      Seen in QuickBooks 3.0.  Variously described as a benign error (keep going) or various fixes prescribed.  The first is to exit QuickBooks, exit Windows, and start again.  Verify release 7 or later. More severe is Rebuild Data.  Lastly (for the skilled and courageous) add to WIN.INI, under [Windows] DefaultQueueSize=16 if you know how to do that safely.


      Restore last backup.  Rebuild may be tried, but is not hopeful.  Seen in earlier versions, and may be reason to buy later version.


      Check and correct the file system, then restore recent backup.  This error indicates that QuickBooks cant read the file, probably due to external damage to a file.  If the file will load, Rebuild Data can be tried, but is not likely to work.


      Try Rebuild.  This error is a rare thing, and Tech Support was asking people to call in so they could get details of the problem.


      Benign error.  Keep Working, so Tech Support said.

Error -210

      Seen only in conjunction with Error C=53.


      File has been used in later version.  See C=32.

C=225, C=260 or C=265

      Try Rebuild Data.  That failing, call Tech Support.


      QuickBooks cant create image (.qbi) file, either due to lack of disk space, or network limitations.  The image file is created when a company file is opened, and deleted when the company file is closed.


      Possibly data related, fixed by Rebuild Data.

      If found in list activities, such as a list report, indicates a list problem.  Use Re-sort list.

      Look for low memory.  A conflict with other programs is possible.  The test is in shutting down other programs, and seeing if the problem disappears.  This error would be less likely with QuickBooks 5 and Windows 95.  (Please remember, I am not selling either, just telling you what seems to work.)


      Memory is too full to send any other message. Refer above to C=47.


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