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Error messages  

If error messages XE "error messages"  stop operation, they can be characterized as in the previous paragraph, as indicating a problem in one company file, all of QuickBooks, or all over the computer.  For most error messages, the sequence is as for erratic operation:  Check the file system, consider that the operating system or QuickBooks program files might have problems, and lastly look into Verify and Rebuild. 

Some error messages have a string of numerical values, some of which are significant in solving problems:

V=4     Version of QuickBooks

R=11   Maintenance release.  During the life of a version of QuickBooks, updates         may be released to solve problems.  Other than calling Tech Support, the       web site lists current releases.  Consistent incorrect operation is the usual           reason for installing a later release.

C=43   Error code number. A few are tabulated below. For any codes not in the          tabulation, the full sequence of procedures should be tried, but is likely that         Verify and Rebuild will be needed.


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