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Which Procedure? 

Here is a list of likely symptoms, and the procedures to try in each case:

QuickBooks performance is weird or erratic:

      Be sure it is incorrect.  Check out what the program should be doing.  It is possible that you are not expecting the correct thing, and we will just keep that between the two of us.

      Try running in the sample company, or another company, if you have several.  If only one company file runs incorrectly, follow this sequence:

  • Floppy disk backups
  • Check file structure
  • Hard drive copy
  • Verify Data
  • Rebuild Data   

      If all files have problems, the indication is that QuickBooks or the operating system has problems, and re-installing is necessary.  However, in a remote, outside possibility, a peculiar requirement of one company data file might find an unknown problem in QuickBooks.

An account register refuses to appear:  try Window|Cascade, then Window|Close all.  Then try again to open the register.

Recurring file damage:

  • Re-install the operating system
  • Call a hardware technician


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