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When a password XE "password"  is installed, QuickBooks refuses access to some or all data, until the user enters a password, and then gives access only according to the privileges allowed for that password.  Password activation installs passwords in the file, but does not encrypt the data. There is no guarantee that a skilled hacker could not defeat the password.  Password operation has changed with each version of QuickBooks. Passwords provide no protection against deletion.  Anybody can delete any file, if they know the workings of File Manager or Windows 95 interface.  Encryption (after you backup) or physical protection of the computer are more secure.

Take passwords seriously.  Write down the owner password, and keep it in a secure place. Do not use such obvious things as a spouses name.  If a password is forgotten, Intuit has a password removal service, for a fee and a delay, which may be two weeks.  Passwords will not be removed over the telephone.  Do not bother to ask.

Authority of the various password levels:

Owner Password

  • Enables and installs all other passwords, which are optional.
  • Allows access to most data, and all new transaction entry
  • Can generate reports
  • Enables changing other passwords.
    • Passwords may all be entered during password edit. 
    • Earlier versions display passwords during edit.
  • When used, is effective until you close the QuickBooks program.
  • Write the password on paper and protect it.

Payroll Password

  • Allows entry of payroll transactions, and access to transactions entered during that session
  • Allows access to pay rates and payroll items.
  • Excludes reports.
  • Cant pay payroll liabilities (works through reporting function)
  • Applies to versions with integral payroll.

Data Entry Password

  • Allows entry of new transactions.
  • Excludes viewing of transactions from earlier sessions.
  • Excludes viewing of registers or reports.
  • Cant handle direct entry of statement charges.

Transaction Password

Requires a cutoff date.

If a transaction password is set up, it restricts access to transactions prior to the cutoff.  Earlier transactions can be viewed or edited only if the transaction password is entered.

The owner can delete or change the transaction password, but cant edit old transactions without it.

Accountants call it the Accountants Password.  (Some of them are like that.)

Used to close books for prior periods.


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