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If it aint broke, dont fix it.  Wrong!  Leave that attitude outside of computing.  You can see the surface of your file, but not the supporting structure. The interior seems arcane, it is arcane, but you can XE "file maintenance"  protect yourself.  The tools are available, and they work, if you use them.

You want to be sure the numbers are there to work for you, and you may want to exclude others from access to all or part of your data. Your files face risks ranging from a logical crash of the hard drive to a disaster that annihilates all of the physical assets of your business.  You can implement protection from data damage, XE "data damage"  and can limit the access to your data.  And you can make your data more accessible by separating the old stuff from current activity.  These functions are handled as follows:

Available function

Requirement met by function


Access Control

Back up files

Hard drive disruption or damage

Second back up, stored remotely

Protection from fire or other disaster, or from malicious damage.

Condense Data

Old data removal, for more efficient operation.


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