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Power down

It is bad news to shut off your computer and later find that you did not save your work.  This can be done if you task-switch to another program and forget the program where you were working.  Windows will protect you from this, if you let it.  In the Program Manager menu bar, click on File and then click on Exit Windows.  For those busy enough to forget that they were working in a program which is no longer in view, Windows is forgiving.  You get a reminder.

The DOS  command can do you in.  If you are in Windows and open the MS-DOS prompt, Windows is still running. Shutting down from there overrides all the protections.  If the DOS prompt is showing, always type exit before turning off the power.  If Windows is running, you will return and can exit properly.  If Windows is not running, you just come back to the DOS prompt, and shutting off is safe.


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