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A virus protection

One form of virus XE "virus"  is called a boot Sector virus.  The system design dedicates one sector of a floppy disk to contain the first minimal bootup program.  When the computer turns on, it may execute the program in this sector, to start bootup from a floppy.  If the floppy has a boot sector virus, it will transfer to the hard drive.  Then you get a message saying that is a non-system disk.  One protection is never to leave a floppy in your computer.  However, I know better, and do it frequently.  Newer computers can have the BIOS setup (beyond the scope of this book) set to that they will not attempt to boot from a floppy, which means that a virus cant transfer in this manner.  This precludes booting from a floppy, but if you cant boot from the hard drive, you probably need a technician anyway.


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