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Hopping around

Task switching XE "task switching"  is a principal objective of Windows.  Here are two handy ways to move between functions:

Between programs when several are running:  Hold down the Alt key.  Tap the Tab key without releasing Alt.   A little box will announce the name of another program.  If you release Alt then, you get that program.  If you tap Tab again, you get a third program.  When you see the one you want, release Alt.

An alternative approach (a keyboard shortcut for clicking on the control menu button) is Alt-Esc.  This elicits a task list of all programs running.  You can move the highlight down to one and press Enter.

Between windows in one program:  Control-Tab switches between windows.  This is especially handy if one window completely covers another.

Clicking on any part of a window always jumps to that window.  This fact is applicable unless the window is completely covered.


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