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Making choices

Forms often have boxes  XE "drop menus" where XE "menu:drop"  the needed information XE "typing:into boxes"  can be typed in, or can be selected from a drop down list, making typing unnecessary. In some cases, information needs to be entered, but the box will not take typing.  The clue is an arrow pointing downward, which means that a menu can be dropped. 

In the view, the mouse pointer (active at the tip of the arrow) is pointed on the button with the down-arrow.  Clicking drops a list, commonly called a menu.  Any entry in the list may be selected by clicking with the mouse.

A keyboard shortcut may be available for drop lists.  Alt-T sometimes drops a list.  In QuickBooks, this works on lists where the content is a fixed part of the program.  It does not work on lists where the user can add entities. 


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