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Windows and QuickBooks have good help XE "help"  systems.  Two methods generally work for getting into Help.  The obvious way is to click Help, and then click Help in the dropped menu. Tabs (the things marked Contents, Index, and Find ) will give you choices. 

Another display may appear with a text listing. The display shown here should be accessible by clicking a button for Search, Index, or Contents. When you click the Find button, Windows 3.1 will search the help file, and list any topics found.  If a topic is selected, clicking Display will return to the main Help window, and display it.  My own experience is that if I need to look up a Help topic (and I often do) it pays to print it.

These are basic instructions on using the Help system. Unfortunately, getting help is all too often contingent on guessing, or stumbling across, the right word.  (Who am I to complain?  That helps the market for my book !)

The Help program is part of Windows, but displays content provided by an application, such as QuickBooks.  In the progress from QuickBooks 2.0 to QuickBooks 5.0, Intuits content has gone from good to excellent.  You can expect to find a good deal of help   there.  A common shortcut for Help is the function key F1.


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