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General Journal entries

A few transactions XE "general journal entry"  XE "Enter Special Transactions"  may only be entered as General Journal entries.  Make General Journal Entries is accessible from the Activities menu.  In older versions, the menu choice is Enter Special Transactions. 

Date should always be verified.

Entry No. is the usual text field of eleven characters.

Account takes the accounts, both debited and credited. 

Debit and Credit take the dollar amounts.

Memo entry can be retrieved in reports, with this end of the transaction.

Name column will accept any names.

Invoice column (small square icon) shows an invoice icon if a customer name is entered. The cost can be billed through to the customer on an invoice (or the like).  However, it would be billed without an item name, and be less visible in reports.

Class can be entered, if your accounting plan includes classes.

This window tries to keep the debits and credits equal, a necessary condition for recording the transactions.


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