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Invoicing from an Estimate

An invoice XE "invoice:progress"  may be generated from an estimate, once you are looking at the estimate.  First display the customer:job list,  XE "invoice:from estimate" and at the bottom click Activities|View Estimate.  The next step varies with the QuickBooks version.  Beginning with  QuickBooks Pro 5, these invoices are linked back to the source estimates.  In the earlier versions, it is useful to track invoice creation by entries for the purpose.

Date should be inspected on every window or box where it appears.

All versions:   Nearly all of the content of the Estimate will be copied to the invoice, where it may be changed if desired.

QuickBooks Pro 4 and 3.1:   The estimate itself contains no information about estimates having been created. The Memo can be a useful vehicle for information about invoicing status.  The fact of invoicing can be noted in the estimate, before creating the invoice.  When the invoice appears, the memo can be changed, as needed.  A suitable Customer Message can also be selected on the invoice.

ClickCreate Invoice.   The window below will appear if you have selected the preference Progress Invoicing.  Otherwise, one of several other windows will appear, but any of them can easily be handled by any competent CPA.

This window is a pre-invoice, and shows the estimate and summary of prior invoicing.  Amounts for the current bill may be entered.  If any items are taxable, the tax will not be displayed, but is included in the total.  Zero amounts will appear on the invoice screen.  Printing of zero amounts is controlled by a selection in File|Preferences|Jobs & Estimates.   Click OK and the invoice will appear.  Check the date.

Invoice handling varies with version. QuickBooks Pro 5 links the invoice back to the estimate, including changes in any numbers.  Customer Message and Memo deserve attention, especially in the earlier versions .  When the invoice is correct, click OK.


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