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Importing Timer data into QuickBooks Pro 5

File|Timer Activities|Import Activities from Timer starts the sequence to bring time activity records XE "importing:Timer data"  XE "Timer data:importing"  in from the various computers and users with Timer.  (Using Navigator, in the Payroll and Time tab, click Timer Import/Export.)  The working directory name should be part of the plan, and must be selected the first time activities are imported.  Wisely, QuickBooks balks at importing the same file twice.  Note, however, that if an activity is transferred a second time, under a different file name, QuickBooks Pro 5 will accept it without comment.

Records generated by importing may need to be edited.  Payroll items are needed if  employees are to be paid by the hour, but Timer does not include them.

Any invalid data records will not be accepted until edited.  QuickBooks forces edits on these records, switching automatically into the EditSingleActivity screen.  There is no escape from this window until you enter something that passes the edit.

When a file finishes loading, QuickBooks shows a summary report for the load. 

The View Report button on this screen gives access to the Timer Import Detail report.

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