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Setting up Timer on local computers

Timer must first be installed on the local computer (See end of this chapter.) and running.  A data file is needed first.  Click File then  New.   Enter a name, in accordance with the company plan, keeping .tdb as the suffix.  This file will be empty.  Names, service items, and classes must be added, by importing the file that was exported from QuickBooks.

From the Timer screen (below), select File|Import QuickBooks Lists.  This will give you a screen where you can enter the file information.  Using the down arrow on Drive, select a: (for a floppy disk).  Drop the listunder File name andselectthenameof the file that was sent from QuickBooks.

With the list file imported, the timer data file will be ready to enter time activity records.

To here from previous lines in this style, useful to be copied for distribution around an office.   Want book name on each page, perhaps copyright notice.

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