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Transferring activity records from Timer to QuickBooks

QuickBooks Pro needs the time  XE "maintenance:Timer"  XE "Timer:maintenance" activity records, so they must be exported.  Normal procedures allow each time activity record to be exported once. Click File|Export Time Activities. 

This window commands the export XE "export:Timer activities"  XE "exporting:Timer activities"  XE "exporting:Timer activities"  XE "transfer:Timer activities"  of all time activity records not yet exported, through the date shown, which can be changed.  Selective export can be initiated with View|Time Activity Log, below.

The next window allows naming of the XE "file name:Timer export file"  export file in compliance with your plan for using Timer.  To send the file to a floppy, select by choosing the a: Drive and give it a file name using .iif as a suffix, which will identify it by sending location and date extracted.

Once on floppies or into the network, the exported file will be picked up in the main QuickBooks computer.

Exportingselectivelyoragain.   You may need to edit XE "edit:Timer activities"  completed activities.  On rare occasions, selected files may need to be exported, or files may need to be exported a second time.

The next box offers to enable a repeated export of the activity.  Do this only if you know how the duplicated export file will be used.  QuickBooks Pro balks at importing the same file again.  If the file name is different, it will be brought in without question.

This begins by clicking View|Time Activity Log. XE "selective export:Timer activities"

Selective export is set up by clicking on the items to be exported.  The view was generated by holding down the Control key, and clicking the activities.  The shift key causes inclusion of all intervening activities.  Export transfers to an Export dialog box, with Selected as an option.

Edit is possible by highlighting a line marked Not Exported, and clicking the Edit button.  Anything in the activity record can be changed.

Delete may be used to remove bad records.

UseActivity creates a new time activity record (clone)from any selected activity record XE "clone:Timer activities"   The new activity will have the current date and no hours.  All other information will be the same as the source activity.

ContactInfo provides detailed QuickBooks information about contacts for this activity.

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