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Using QuickBooks Pro 5 Timer on Local Computers

Production use of Timer requires that it be set up and a user file selected.  Installation on local computers is described at the end of the chapter.  Setting up data files on local computers is described in the last of the sections pertaining to local computers.

Timer can be started by clicking the Timer icon.  If that is not visible, click the Start button, then Programs, then QuickBooks Pro group, and lastly click on Timer.   (In Windows 3.1, open the QuickBooks Pro program group and click the Timer icon.)  If a data file is selected, the file name will be included in the title bar.  Setting up the data file is described below, as the last thing within the actions at the using computer.  The data file will include the necessary lists from the QuickBooks company file.  If no data file is selected, click File then Open, then click on the necessary file.

Starting requires that QuickBooks Timer be installed and running with a data file set up.  The  XE "starting:Timer" working data file name will be in the title bar.  Multiple files are possible, and may be needed if you are interfacing with more than one Company file on QuickBooks. A new Data File may be appropriate  XE "data file:Timer" for a second user, or other changes.  It is started from the top Timer window, by clicking File|New.   The name should be selected according to your plan.

If this is to be an installation unique to you, or largely used by you, the system can be set so that all new activities will be generated with your name, unless another is selected..  Click File|Preferences|Default Name.   Drop the list and select your name.

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