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Extracting reference data from QuickBooks

QuickBooks Pro 5 exports a reference file of list information which must be loaded into Timer in each using computer.  Names, service items, or classes cannot be added in Timer. It will require export of a new list file, loading it into some or all using computers. Try to make sure that all the data that might be needed in Timer for the next few days, is entered into QuickBooks before you extract this file.

In QuickBooks (from the menu bar) select File|TimerActivities| ExportLists getting the following screen.

The Export screen receives the name to be used for the list file and where it is to be placed.  How you plan to pass data between computers will depend on your own office situation, but most often this will be done on a floppy disk, so we will cover that here.  Provide a meaningful file name (possibly pre-labeled on a floppy reserved for this purpose).  File suffix will be set at .iif (Intuit Interchange Format). Drop the list under Drives andselect the a: (specifying your floppy disk drive).  Place your disk in its slot and hit OK, (or Enter).  After the file transfer, remove and label the floppy.

From here to next lines in this style, useful to be copied for distribution around an office.   Want book name on each page, perhaps copyright notice.

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