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Time Reporting

Click Reports|Project Reports for the time reporting XE "time reporting"  XE "reports:time"  menu.  Time reports are available in two formats, and a third can be generated:

Time summary reports use a top-level sort by name, by customer:job, or by item.  Secondary and tertiary sorts by the same entities are optional.

Time Activity Detail Report sorts by customer:job and then by item. Within items, hours records are sequenced by date.

Employee time record varies with the version.

The methods and techniques for handling QuickBooks reports are discussed in the chapter on that subject, and are not repeated here.

Time by Job Report defaults to a format sequenced by customer:job, with a secondary sort by item.  The Customize button allows other choices in lower level sorting, including no secondary sort.  Time by Name and Time by Item reports are similar.

In each of the reports, Formats provides a choice of sorting options, from no further sorting, to one or two lower levels of sort.  The Columns option allows columns for all of the time periods used in IRS Publication 15 (Circular E.)

When the CustomizeReport window is closed, the report appears.

Time Activity Detail Report lists the individual hours records.  The report illustrated has been customized by addition of the Payroll Item column.  Note that Quick Zoom will bring up an EnterSingleActivity window, and you can go on to view a WeeklyTimeSheet .

Employee Weekly Time Sheet, in QuickBooks Pro 5, is available by clicking File|Print forms|Timesheets.   A screen display may be seen by selecting Preview.   In the earlier versions a time sheet can be setup easily from the Time Activity Detail Report. 

Click Customize, then Filter.

Name field gets the employee name, who is OK, so click OK.

In Customize, pick a time to be reported.  A generic time period is better than specific custom dates.

Title could be changed if desired.  Then click OK, and view the time sheet, similar to the illustration above but with only one employee listed.

The time sheet report can be memorized.  You may also want to memorize one for each employee.  Avoid memorizing with custom dates defined; the report would always be recalled with those dates.

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