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Invoicing for Value of Time

Invoicing, naturally, starts by bringing up XE "time:invoicing"  the CreateInvoices XE "invoicing for time" form (under Invoices ) and entering the  customer name.

Time/Costs button on CreateInvoices will bring up the Choose Billable Time and Costs window (example follows this step).

Change button on right hand side of this window will open OptionsforTransferringBillableTime, needed the first time you invoice.

Options, of course, imply the ability, or necessity, to make decisions.

Do not combine activities will bring hours information onto the invoice in full detail.  The alternative is to combine activities under the service item name.

Transfer notes brings in the notes entered with individual hours records, only if the Do Not Combine Activities option is in effect.

Transfer service item descriptions happens if activities are combined, and is an option if they are not combined.

OK takes you back to the ChooseBillableTimeandCosts , implementing the decisions made in this dialog box.

Cancel takes you back to the ChooseBillableTimeandCosts , discarding the effect of the decisions made in this dialog box.

Choose Billable Time and Costs screenTime tab provides control of hours billed to the customer, bringing the customer name from the invoice.

Use column may be clicked to show a check mark ( b ) for each line entry to be billed on the invoice. 

Invoice icon in the Use column indicates records already marked for billing.

Hide column allows the time XE "time:not billable"  to be tagged as Not Billable.

Print selected time... will combine hours records (of one service item) into a single invoice line.

AfterOK is clicked, action returns to the invoice.


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