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QuickBooks 4.0 and earlier

Theses version have variably less customizing, and it is scattered around.  The view below comes up from File|Print Forms|Print Invoices after selecting the invoices to be printed, and is the last box before actually printing.

Print on allows the choices of

  • Preprinted form
  • Blank paper
  • Blank paper (w/drawn-in boxes)
  • Letterhead paper
  • Letterhead (/drawn-in boxes)

The drawn-in boxes option looks good, and is a good choice on a laser printer, and perhaps also on an ink-jet.  If your printer has a ribbon, drawing in boxes is slow and tedious.

Print company name and address may be  XE "company name:print on invoices"switched on here, but not if Letterhead Paper or Preprinted Form is selected.

Print your logo may look spiffy (or something like that,) but XE "logo:print on forms"  must be connected through printer setups (below.)

Additional copies means that Intuit wants to sell you four-part forms, collated for your laser printer.  This has nothing to do with tractor-fed carbonless multi-part for an impact printer. In that case, 0 would be entered.

The buttons on this box are used after customizing is complete, when invoices are being printed.  To select fonts for invoice printing, click File|Printer Setup|Invoice Printer.

ont selects the type font to be used for the variable information (data specific to this individual invoice.)  Addr Font selects the font to be used to be used for the company name and address.  The label font is easy to change, if you will only buy QuickBooks 5.

Logo is that clever piece of artwork which  XE "logo" identifies your business. Pressing that button accesses the logo selection box.

Logos are subject to some limitations:

They always print as squares,  0.75 inch on a side, being compressed if necessary.  (On checks, they print 0.5 inch square.)

The file must be smaller than 64 kb.  A file of that size would include too much fine-grained detail.  As an example, thePDQ file is 5 kb.

The logo is connected by file name and path.  If the logo is not there, it will not print.

Fine patterns or half-tone gray may not do well in reduction, nor will color designs on a black-and-white printer.

Close Printer Setup and click Preferences|Sales/Invoicing.   Select Custom Invoice and click Customize.


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