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It all depends ...

The QuickBooks standard  XE "customizing forms"  XE "forms:customizing"  XE "invoices:customizing" invoices were designed as Three sizes fit all.  Of course, you cant please everybody, and many users were not satisfied.  A few people in the CompuServe QuickBooks Forum, were quite vocal about their dissatisfaction.  Beginning with QuickBooks 3.0, various levels of customizing have been added.  QuickBooks 5 added full customizing, which seems to have met the needs, the complainers now being silent.  (Thank you!  Are you kidding?) 

Intuits preprinted invoices depend on standard positions of printed data.  They cant be used with customized layouts, but another small business in your area may be glad to print forms for you.  (Yes, I realize it could be otherwise.  I once advised a woman to bring in a local consultant to set up the operating system on her computer.  She told me that she was on an isolated cattle ranch in Montana.)


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