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Garbage prints

Garbage may mean random letters, or printing of a variety of special characters.

Check the data cable, as above, but read on.  Assume that you check the cable and the garbage printing is cleared up.  Was the connection definitely bad?  No. Two things were changed.  You disconnected and reconnected both connectors. The cable should never be connected or disconnected with the power turned on.  However, turning the power off and on resets the printer and the computer, and that may clear the problem.

The printer cable may be too long.  Most systems can use a cable up to ten feet long (or at least three meters.)  Move the printer close, and try a shorter cable.  If that works, the system may not be usable with a long cable.  On the other hand, it might have been that particular long cable, which could have a broken wire.

Communication problems can occur.  The driver tells QuickBooks which fonts are available in your printer.  If QuickBooks calls for a font that is not really there, anything could happen.

Another application may be in conflict, if it left a setup in the printer.  All application programs clear all setups from the printer, but one might be missed. The test is to turn off everything, and start again, or just press Reset.  If this corrects the printing, you have a strong indication of a conflict.  Now you have to track down the suspect.

Note that this is what you did when you checked the cable. You turned off the printer and the computer, thereby effecting a reset.  Yes, it complicates things.  The easiest way is to go back to work, with a little calculated paranoia.  Suspect that another application might be causing the problem.  If that proves to be the case, you will have to shut down after running the other program, and before running QuickBooks.  Intuit or the other manufacturer might have a fix.


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