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Nothing prints

Check the printer display.  Is it alive and well?  Is it crying for help?

Check the data cable from the computer.  Has some klutz tripped over it?  You may want to turn off the computer and the printer and examine the connectors.  Disconnect both of them and look at both faces.  Are they apparently in condition to connect correctly?

From the printer front panel, command print of a test page.  If the correct and appropriate command there produces nothing, the computer will not be able to get it to print.

Use Wordpad or Write to print a sample text file.  A no-go here means a problem at the Windows level, and QuickBooks will not be able to print.

Look at the Windows Printers group or Print Manger. The system could be stuck on a file that cant be printed.  You may have to delete the job or shut down printing and start again.


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