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Table of Reports

Browsing the Reports menu can be rather time-consuming, so I have done it for you.  Below is a table of the reports XE "reports:table of"  XE "table of reports"  found in QuickBooks Pro 5.0, with all the options active:  inventory, sales tax, purchase orders, full payroll, estimates, 1099 tracking, time tracking and job tracking.  The earlier versions have most of these reports.

icon note

The reports menu will list reports for active functions.  Absence of any reports from the menu indicates that the related function is turned off (or if it is not included in your version.) 

Many of the special reports are in fact customized with filters, etc.  In order to see what should be in a report, what transactions are included and which are excluded, the only way is to open up the customization and see what is set up in the report.

icon note

Default date options are shown for a few reports.  Note that Month-to-Date vs Previous or Year-to-Date vs Previous compare to a time span from the beginning of the previous period to a like date in that period, the analog of the current date.

Selected detail reports accessible by zooming from summary reports are listed.  In some cases these are only slightly different from other detail reports triggered directly from the menus.  Many other detail reports can be displayed by zooming.

Asterisks ( * ) in the table denote explanations below the table, indicating information that I found in the reports, and expect that you will find useful.  [Brackets] signify a few reports that are available only by zooming from numbers in another report.  In many cases, these are only slightly different from a directly selected detail report.

In order to keep the table from being even larger, the comments are limited to providing  guidance on which reports you may want to explore.  The broad capability and flexibility of the system imply that there is no substitute for understanding it. 

Reports in QuickBooks Pro 5.0  (Barbara, please find a better font.)







Profit and Loss

(common to all P&L:)

Accounts: all income and expense, only*

(Income Statement)


Current month to date (default for Standard)


YTD Comparison

Month to date and fiscal year to date


Previous Year Comparison

Current FY to date and prev FY to like date



    of that year; differences $ and %


By Job

Column for each active job; This FY to date


By Class

Column for each active class; This FY to date



Detail of income and expense items;



    may want to remove columns.


Inc by Customer Summary

Net income by customer; this FY to date


Inc by Customer Detail

Same with item detail


Exp by Vendor Summary

Expenses by vendor, this FY to date


Exp by Vendor Detail

Same with item detail

Balance Sheet


As described in text*

(Statement of


Two dates, this FY and prev; changes $ & %



By balance sheet account types



Details; transactions in subject time period

A/R Reports

Aging Summary

Customers and amounts overdue by month


Aging Detail

Invoices current or by time overdue


Open Invoices by Customer

Customers: invoices, amounts, due dates


Collections Report

Same, plus contact person and phone number


Customer Balance Summary

List of customers and balances due


Customer Balance Detail

Invoices and payments, by customer

Sales Reports

By Item Summary

Sales by item type and item, with % *


By Item Detail

Invoice detail by item and item type


By Customer Summary

Sales by customer for a time period


By Customer Detail

Invoices, CMs and cash sales by customer:job


By Rep Summary

Gross Sales summarized by salesperson


By Rep Detail

Invoice line items by sales person


Pending Sales

Problem -- see text*

Purchase Reports

By Item Summary

Items purchased (but not expenses)*


By Item Detail

Same, line item detail


By Vendor Summary

Items (but not expenses)* purchased, by vendor


By Vendor Detail

Same, line item detail


Open Purchase Orders

Show Open/Show all button

Inventory Reports

Stock Status by Item

Description, item count, etc.  No dollars


Stock Status by Vendor

Stock, by preferred vendor


Valuation Summary

Purchase and resale value of items


Valuation Detail

Purchased this period plus total on hand


Physical Invt Worksheet

Stock per record,  pref vendor, space for count


Price List

Resale prices of all items*

A/P Reports

Aging Summary

Bills by vendor and due or time overdue


Aging Detail

Bills detailed, total by due date range


Unpaid Bills Detail

Detail of unpaid bills, total by vendor


Sales Tax Liability Report

Plus non-taxable sales.  See text.*


Vendor Balance Summary

Payables by vendor.  Default all dates.


Vendor Balance Detail

Same, detail of bills


1099 Report

Information for Form 1099-MISC


1099 Detail

Details of 1099 report

Budget Reports

P&L Budget Overview

P&L Info from Activities Set|Up Budgets


P&L Budget vs Actual

Flexible, can be 208 columns wide!


P&L Budget by Job Overvw

Details from Activities|Set Up Budgets.   Slow


P&L Bud vs Actual by Job

Income & Expense by job, budget vs actual.Slow


Balance Sheet Bud Ovrvw

Balance Sheet Info from Set Up Budgets


Bal Sheet Bud vs Actual

Account actual positions vs budgeted

Transaction Reports

By Date

... as seen in source accounts.  See text.*


By Customer

Basic transactions with each customer


By Vendor

Basic transactions with each vendor

Transaction Detail R

By Account

Both ends of transactions, by acct, date


By Date

Both ends of transactions, by date

Payroll Reports

Summary by Employee

All payroll accounts, employees in columns


Employee Journal

Rows:  Employees.  Columns:  Accounts


Liabilities by item

(Well described; no comment)

List Reports

Customer Phone List

Name, phone, add other columns

(QuickBooks 5)

Customer Contact List

Phone list plus contacts, bill to


Vendor Phone List

Name, phone, add other columns


Vendor contact List

Name, balance owed, phone, acct number


Accounts:  Income Tax

Accounts, types, tax line assigned


Accounts:  Detail

Above plus balance, description


Items:  Price List

Items, descriptions, prices, pref vendor*


Items:  Memorized Trans

Memorized transactions, source acct


Payroll Items

Payroll Items, exp acct, Liab acct, etc


To Do Notes

Date, description, done



Terms detailed

Project Reports

Job Administration

Customer info and job status.  No $.  QB4*


Job Profitability Summary

Costs vs revenues by customer and job


[Job Actual Cost Detail]

Zoom from Profitability Summary or Est vs Act


[Job Actual Revenue Detail]

Zoom from Profitability Summary or Est vs Act


Job Profitability Detail

Pick customer:job.  Costs vs revenue.


Job Estim vs Actuals Sumry

All jobs, cost  & revenue, estimates vs actuals


Job Estim vs Actuals Detail

Customer from Filter Name


Job Progress Invoices vs Est

Customer:job Estimates, invoiced progress


Item Profitability

Cost vs Revenues by item


[Item Actual Cost Detail]

Zoom from Item Profitability


[Item Act Revenue Detail]

Zoom from Item Profitability


Item Estimates vs Actuals

Cost  & revenue, estimates vs actuals, by job


[Item Estim Cost Detail]

Zoom from Item Estim vs Actuals


[Item Estim Revenue Detail]

Zoom from Item Estim vs Actuals


Item Profitability

Actual Cost vs Actual Revenue by item


[Item Actual Cost Detail]

Zoom from Item Profitability


[Item Actual Revenue Det]

Zoom from Item Profitability


Item Estimates vs Actuals

Estimated Cost vs Actual Cost by Item


Time by Name

Hours by employee, for customer, when


[Time Activity Detail]

Zoom from Time by Name or Time by Job, etc


Time by Job (Name, Item)

Customize for Items and/or Names


Time by Item

Customize for Jobs or Names


Time Activity Detail

Detail of employee hours on jobs

Other Reports

Cash Flow Forecast

Based on invoices and bills entered.  See text.*


Income Tax Summary

Sums transaction by income tax line


[Tax Line by Account]

Zoom from Income Tax summary


Income Tax Detail

Transaction by income tax line


Check Detail Report

Payees, accounts, and amounts; pay checks


Missing Check Report

Checks by number, missing and duplicate noted


[Invoices by Number]

Use Missing Checks, specify Accts Receivable


General Ledger

Analysis of every account, limit with Filter


Trial Balance

What the accountants asked for


[Transactions by Account]

Zoom from Trial Balance



Details of every transaction


[Transaction Journal]

Detail of  >amount< on another report*


[Transaction History]

History of >amount< on another report*


Audit Trail

Changes to transactions, if turned on

Custom Report

(summarizes transactions)

Same as P&L Report; no Balance Sheet Accts




Sales by Item Summary does not include item totals, apparently because this would usually be adding apples to oranges.  If you really need item counts, the report can be printed to a spreadsheet file, and manipulated in a spreadsheet program.

Purchase Report by Item Summary and By item detail list items.  Any purchases on an Expense tab are not included.

Transaction Report|By Date might be described as a single-entry bookkeeping report.  It shows only the primary entries, not the reverse transactions.  These are shown in the Transaction Detail Reports.   More in the section above on these reports.

List Reports can also be called up from a button at the bottom of the respective list.  From most lists, you can choose between a brief report and a comprehensive report.  Other forms may be had by deleting columns from the comprehensive report.

Price List is  XE "price list" among List Reports in QuickBooks 5, and under Inventory Reports in earlier versions.

Job Administration Report in QuickBooks 4 was replaced by a list report.  From the Customer:Job list, create a Customer Contact List Report, and customize to add a Job Status column

Sales tax:   the earliest versions of QuickBooks did not track non-taxable sales by tax district, so the Sales Tax Liability Report cannot show this information as converted.  Current sales will be included correctly, provided the item and customer setup is correct.

Pending Sales report XE "Report, Pending Sales"  gave results only with special tuning.  You can click on Filters, then scroll to the top and click on Selected Accounts, and you will see that all accounts are checked . Scroll to the very bottom of that list.  Estimates needs to be checked.  Then you get a report of all estimates designated as pending. If this proves useful, the corrected form should be memorized.  This may be changed in an update.

Custom Report is identical to the P&L report, and will not show balance sheet accounts.  The Windows versions have no report equivalent to the Summary Report of the DOS versions.  For a special report including balance sheet accounts, start with a transaction report or transaction detail report.

Cash Flow Forecast is not a crystal ball.  It is based on transactions currently recorded, including your sales invoices and bills (invoices) from vendors, according to due date.  Not listed are future payroll disbursements, or any memorized transactions.  Transactions could be entered representing future activity, but would soon get impossibly tangled.  Such analysis would be better handled with a temporary shadow company file, made by copying the file in the Windows system (Chapter 23 or Chapter 24.) Then projected transactions could be entered freely.  To avoid confusion, it would be well to edit the principle accounts to have highly distinctive colors.

Transaction Journal and Transaction History reports have a special route for access.  With another detail report displayed, click once on a transaction with the (z) and park the pointers on the transaction.  Then, from the menu, call up the Journal or History report.

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