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Customizing Reports

Customize XE "customize:reports"  button allows the individual report to be on cash or accrual basis. Which basis was used in the report previously illustrated?  The report gives no indication.  A change in title would be useful.  The Customize window varies with different reports. Column selection is included in memorized reports.  The Reports menu (under Other Reports ) lists Custom Report.  This form is essentially the same as the Profit and Loss report. 

Report Basis area has choices of accrual or cash .  Accrual means that sales are part of income, as soon as the invoice is recorded, and expenses occur when a bill is recorded in payables.  Cash means that income and expenses are counted when the money is received or paid.  Cash basis is contrary to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) but is widely used for small businesses.

Cash basis accounting being contrary to GAAP, it lacks accepted rules. One problem relates to advance payments, that is, payments received before delivery of the related goods or services.  QuickBooks cash basis XE "cash basis:reports"  reports recognize income as being earned when the cash is received, or when the value (goods and/or services) is delivered, whichever is later.  There is no means of changing this, and no authority to whom the matter may be referred.

Accrual is the standard default for a report basis.  XE "accrual basis:reports"  This option may be changed for the company.  Preferences|Reporting gives you the option to change the standard basis for summary reports .  For transaction reports, the normal basis will always be Accrual.  The earlier versions do not produce transaction detail reports on a cash basis.  This preference change will not affect reports displayed at the time the preference is changed.

Column width may be adjusted when XE "column width:reports"  necessary. QuickBooks reports always show all column headings on one line. (Long headings are not spread into two lines.) Column width is set as required to display the column header, which may result in inefficient use of screen space. You may want to change the width of some columns.  This can be done by pointing at the diamond above and to the right of the column, holding down the mouse button, and dragging the diamond left or right.  The column headings may be truncated.  Width may be adjusted to zero, and the column will disappear.  Column width adjustments are not remembered in memorized reports.


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