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Questions and Answers

Q.  When I go to pay employees, payroll keeps coming up with an old date on the pay checks, several months back.  Each pay day, I change it.  the next time, it is back to the old date.

A.  The date you are seeing is the next pay day for the least recently paid employee.  This problem happens if someone has left the company, but there is no termination date in the employee record.  Entering a termination date should take care of it.

Q.   An employee has earned $80,000 but Social Security and Medicare are still being deducted.  How can I stop it?

A.  In this situation, QuickBooks doe not directly consider the YTD earnings.  The system is a little more complex.  The rate is multiplied by the maximum subject pay and the product is used as a maximum deduction (or contribution.)  The deduction continues until this has reached this maximum.  The YTD deduction must be checked and adjusted to the correct value.

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