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Management Reporting of Payroll

Various employers in various lines XE "payroll reports"  XE "reports:payroll"  of business at scattered locations need a wide variety of payroll reports.  QuickBooks starts with three, which can be modified to meet user needs.  Here is a good place to exercise the modification techniques described in the reporting chapter.  The most important is the use of Print Preview, to save paper -- and time. Clicking Reports|Payroll brings up three choices:

Summary by Employee lists all expense items contributing to employee pay, employee deductions, and company taxes and contributions, in one or more columns for each employee.  The illustration (from Print Preview) is the result of clicking Customize and suppressing columns for hours and rates.  Depending on the columns in use, you may want to grab the little diamond (on the right of the column) and change the columns. 

Employee Journal (beginning in versions 4.0) includes similar information, but the employees are listed down the left side, and expenses, etc., in columns across. This is another good candidate for adjusting column width.

Liabilities by Payroll Item lists amounts in the Payroll Liabilities account, by payroll item. The liabilities are as of the To date on the report; the From date is ignored.  The Customize button allows the addition of comparison columns.

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