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Paying the IRS

Payments will begin by clicking Activities|Payroll|Pay Liabilities.   Verify the bank account.  XE "payroll liability payments"  If a check is to be printed from QuickBooks, check To be printed.  Click the appropriate payroll items to be paid, noting the two-for-one clicking on Medicare and Social Security.  Clicking OK will generate a check record for the payment.  Go to the bank account register.  If necessary, edit the Number field for this check.

If Federal Unemployment (FUTA) is paid to the same vendor as withholding tax and Social Security, it may be included with payments listed on Form 941.  This would require an adjustment, subtracting the FUTA amount from the payments.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is  XE "EFTPS" now required for many employers, and eventually will become universal.  QuickBooks (through versions 5) does not have any provision for EFTPS. Someday, it may become a reason for buying a new version.  Online banking and bill payment exclude payroll liability payments.

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