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Turning on Payroll

Payroll has a switch, accessible from the menu bar under File|Preferences|Payroll, or from the Navigator using  XE "preferences:payroll"   XE "payroll preferences"   Company|Preferences|Payroll & Employees.   A few of the options on this screen (see below) need description:

QuickBooks Payroll will be turned on by selecting Full payroll features.

Employee Template is a prototype employee XE "employee template"  XE "template:employee"  record where you may can whatever information is common to most employees.  The template is also accessible from the list of employees.

Sort Employee List by ... allows sorting by  XE "employee list:sorting" first name or last name. Somebody wants other choices? Yes, but QuickBooks does not deal with employee numbers.  (In earlier versions, this is under Preference| Data Entry.)

Print ... .   The voucher is the explanation page below the check. Memo is a line printed on the bottom of the check itself.

Hide pay rate ... allows preparation of pay checks, without visibility of pay rates.

Recall quantity ... is the equivalent of memorizing pay checks (which cant be done.)

Print Employee List one per page should  XE "employee list:printing" be checked.  Without this, an employees record will start on one page, and end on the next. 

Report all payroll taxes ... facilitates allocating payroll taxes to jobs. Within your records, they will be under payroll expenses:taxes, but reports to customers can show applicable tax amounts.

Assign one class per ... facilitates use of classes for fine-grain payroll reporting. A display problem can occur when generating paychecks if the additional columns are displayed.  This depends on screen resolution and font size.  The accounting plan of your company will or will not use classes.

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