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Integral Payroll System

QuickBooks for Windows 3.1 and up, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks for Macintosh use an integral payroll system, built into the program.   Pay checks  are similar to invoices (except the money goes the other way.)  A name and other information make up a heading.  Then payroll items record the expenditure of basic employee pay, additions to and deductions from pay checks, and company contributions.  Payroll differs from invoices, in that the payroll data record for an employee acts like one memorized document, used again and again. The payroll items are attached to the employee records.  The first step is to have the items properly set up.

Earlier versions of  QuickBooks had available a separate terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program, QuickPay, which handled payroll.  This remains the only payroll system available for the DOS version. Description of QuickPay has not been included, because most people who might use it already do so, and know how.

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