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Paying Sales Tax

Clicking Activities|Pay Sales Tax will drop XE "sales tax:paying"  XE "pay sales tax"  the necessary window.  This is the only way to pay sales tax liability; the other apparent possibilities are blocked. 

States generally require the check to be submitted together with a completed state sales report form  That fact is compatible with the check voucher (skirt,) which is distinguished by its lack of information.  None can be added.  The check register allows change only in the Number column, and the cleared ( b ) column.  The Sales Tax Payable register provides access only to the latter column.  Any attempt at change brings a warning notice .  The Sales Tax Payable register is illustrated below, under Peculiar Situations.

Online payment will not (directly) handle sales tax payments. This is not likely to be a problem, since a report could not accompany an online check.  Should online payment be desirable, the clearing account could be used, as described at the end of Chapter 5.

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