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Making Deposits

Make Deposits window  XE "make deposits"  XE "deposits:bank" records the trip to the bank, handling two distinct functions, and excluding two others:

Recording deposit of money from Undeposited Funds.

Recording money deposited directly into the bank account, without going through receivables.  These were discussed in Chapter 5.  The current narrative relates only to money recorded through Accounts Receivable.

It does not deal with either cash sales or payments entered into Receive Payments, where the Deposit To [account] box is checked.  These are recorded as deposits when the payments are recorded.

Note that if a sale is recorded by an invoice, the payment should come through Accounts Receivable (on penalty of unnecessary trouble.) 

Make Deposits window will probably not appear if you select Activities|Make Deposits.  The Payments to Deposit window will probably appear, showing payments received and marked to Group with other undeposited funds.

The down-arrow and up-arrow move to the line for any payment. The space bar toggles the payment check -mark on and off.  The mouse may be used to mark payments to be included.

When the deposit looks OK, note that there is no Next or Prev button, and select the OK button. 

Make Deposits window will now appear, with Deposit To naming the checking account that received the last deposit from Receivables. If another account is to receive the deposit, select it using the down-arrow. 

On the right, the Pmts button provides temporary access to the Payments to Deposit window, to add any payments to the list, or delete any from it. When any changes in this window are complete, click OK and return to the Make Deposits window. 

The Make Deposits window has access to all of the deposits for editing, although edits may be rejected if they would change information entered in a previous action.  When this screen is correct, select Print.  Since you are reading the book, you are probably making your first deposit of this type.  Try printing the deposit summary, to see if it is what you want.  (Before printing, be sure that your printer is not loaded with invoice forms.)  Finally, click OK.   The deposit will be entered into the bank account register.  I guarantee it.

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