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Statement billing

Customer Register  XE "customer register"  XE "register:customer" is used for direct statement billing.   XE "statement billing"  XE "billing:statement" Users requested a means of billing items day by day, as they happen, and it was added in versions 4.0. Direct statement billing, entered into the customer register was the answer.  This works fine, but is subject to some minor limitations:

Each item requires a separate entry in the register, and must be a definite amount. 

Sales taxes and discounts cannot be entered.  (Discounts can be entered through Receive Payments, but on the statement, they appear above charges XE "statement charges"  XE "charges:statements"  XE "items:statements"  of the same date.)

Each item is individual.  Item groups and subtotals cant be used.

Descriptions are restricted to one line.  If items have longer descriptions, they will be chopped off (with a warning.)

Messages cant be added to billing statements, except by rubber stamp or pen.

Customizing of billing statements is limited.  Excluded are custom fields, column width changes, and changes in order of the columns.

Password operation is not convenient.  The owner password must be used for direct entry, giving access to all records.  In versions before QuickBooks 5, entry of the owner password allowed access to changing all passwords.

Click the Cust icon, or Lists|Customers, highlight the referent customer:job, and click Use Register.  (Use Register will probably be highlighted, and you can double-click on the customer name.)

The data entry is similar to the invoice, except for the restrictions.  Click Record when finished.

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