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Daily Sales Invoice

Restaurants do not track customers or individual sales. An invoice, or case sales receipt, can be set up to record one days sales.  It should be memorized with all of the items left at zero.  They can be filled in with numbers from the cash register. A customer name is needed, such as Daily sales.

The line items should be set up to handle the information from the cash register.  The example assumes that the cash register records and summarizes the tax portion of each customers tab.  In the memorized invoice, the sales tax line item will show a percentage.  The amount is changed to contain the actual tax collected.  QuickBooks will give a warning, because tax on this sale will not be exactly total sales times the rate . However, the reports will show the sum of the taxes in these items, which will be the total tax actually collected.  The autotax default item at the bottom, with a zero rate, guides the reports to distributing sales by tax district, and should be there to make the program happy.

Alternatively, the tax line item could be omitted, and the tax calculated at the bottom, on total taxable sales.  This would present a problem, because the total tax recorded would not be the same as the total tax collected.

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