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Cash sale receipt

The  XE "cash sales" Cash SaleReceipt form can be used to record sales made directly, rather than through Receivables.  The Navigator Sales and Customers tab has an icon, or click Activities|Enter Cash Sales.   (The appearance of this form varies slightly with the various versions of QuickBooks.)

Any resemblance to the invoice form is strictly by design.  The Cash Sale Receipt adds a built-in payment.  This is one payment, which can go either into a bank account, or the other asset account called Undeposited Funds, and then on to the bank with Make Deposits.   The payment type is always blank.

QuickReports are normally available from the customer list, and work well in QuickBooks 5.  In the earlier versions, QuickReports may be disappointing when cash sales have been used.  The cash sales will not appear directly, but the report can easily by changed.  When the report appears, click on Filters, then Source Account.  Scroll up and select all accounts, then OK, and data will appear.  More information is in the Chapter 14.

Cash sales are recorded in a register, either Undeposited Funds, or in the bank account, depending on the deposit selection made on the sale form.

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