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Memorized transaction groups

A home owners association, for example, may need to send invoices to many customers (home owners) at one time.  A memorized transaction group can be used to recall them all at once. To set up a group, type Control-T, or click Lists|Memorized Transactions, to open the list.  At the bottom, click the Memorized Transactions button, and New Group.  Only the name is obligatory.  Options for automatic entry are as above.  When the group setup is what you need, click OK.

New memorized transactions can be assigned to a group, as they are created.  Existing transactions do not move willingly into memorized transaction groups.  You have to drag them.  Click on the little diamond to the left of the transaction name, and drag it to a position below the group name, or at the bottom of the group.  Then drag the diamond to the right, to make the transaction one of the group.  As an alternative, you can edit the memorized transaction (below,) select With Transactions in Group, and enter the group name.

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