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Customer:job names

These names are added from the customer names  XE "Customer\:job names" list.  Highlight the parent customer, and click on Customer:Job button, then Add Job.

The New Job windows are essentially the same as those for New Customer.

Note carefully: 

  1.  The customer information will be copied once into the new job. Subsequent changes in the customer information will not be automatically copied into the customer:job record.
  2. Jobs generally tend to operate like additional customers.
  3.    An invoice records work or sales on exactly one job.
  4.  The job name will print in the Project field of invoices and the like, if selected.
  5. A payment is applied to exactly one job.
  6. Statements can include several jobs (beginning with QuickBooks 4.0.)
  7. Estimates are limited to one for each customer:job (or the parent customer.)

Many users have requested revision of the program to allow invoices and payments to cover multiple jobs of one customer, but through version 5.0, this is not allowed.

Jobs can have types in the same manner as customers.

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