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Custom fields for items

Item records can carry text information in custom fields. XE "custom fields:for items"   The content will be included in printed lists.  Invoices, other sales documents, and purchase orders can be set up (Chapter 17) to include columns for custom field information. If the form displays a custom field, the content of that field will be in the record of the form.

5 fields can be set up for attachment to items.

Custom fields contain text strings, up to 30 characters.

Numerals in text strings will not be recognized as number values.

Certain reports can print custom fields, provided they showed on the original document.

Reports can be filtered to select transactions where specified custom fields have a stated exact content.

The content of custom fields copies into documents (invoices, bills, etc.,) provided the document is customized for display of the subject field.  Text to be a default for the field may be entered into the item record.  The default text copies into the document, but may be changed there.

Custom fields for items can be used for all types of items, except subtotals or sales tax. The process begins with the New or Edit window, for any item.  Entry starts with clicking the Custom Fields button.

This brings up the window for entering data into the custom fields, but none are installed.  The Define Fields button moves ahead .

The next dialog box is named Define Custom Fields for Items.   After being defined, these fields can be used in any and all items.

To appear in items, a custom field must have a label, and be checked.  When the needed labels and check marks are entered, OK will get to the data entry window for the current item.

Remember that data entered here can be copied to documents, if they are properly set up.  Once copied, these default values can be changed on the document.  Later changes in the list will not affect existing text on existing documents.  The content is always handled as text.  Numerals will not be recognized as numbers.


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