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Parent items and sub-items

Item families are a convenient means of grouping files together in the items list.  That is the extent of it.  If a parent item XE "parent item"  is used on an invoice, the sub-items XE "sub-items"  are not included.  Any or all of them may be entered individually.

When you create a new item and drop the list of item types, you will not see Parent item. Most items may be designated sub-items, by clicking the check box for Sub-item of.  An item may be entered in the adjoining box, and becomes the parent item.  Families must all be the same type of item. Parent items are not generally used on invoices, but serve mainly to collect similar items in the list. 

Alternatively, an item may be made a sub-item by working in the item list.  Grab the little diamond to the left of the item.  Drag it below the intended parent item, and to the right.  If that works, the sub-item assignment is legal and has been done.

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