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Service, Other Charge, and Non-Inventory Part items

These sales income items began as  XE "service items"  XE "other charge items"  XE "non-inventory part" essentially identical types, but have diverged with time.  They are used for:

Things you buy and consume

Things you create and sell

Things you buy and sell.

Other Charge items can be edited to become Service or Non-Inventory Part items, but those types cant be changed.  When an Other Charge item is edited, the item type list can be dropped for selection.

Time tracking (QuickBooks Pro) runs on Service items (and only on Service items.)

The example shows a pass-through item, containing a check in This item is... and having two descriptions, two accounts, and two prices.  Preferred vendor XE "vendor:preferred"  is a default.

As a pass-through item, this is almost like two items.  It has two descriptions, two opposing accounts, and two prices.  One of each is used for the purchase, and one for the sale.

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