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Questions and answers

Q.   Reconciliation starts, but the screen comes up with the wrong Opening Balance. It is not the same as the ending balance on the last reconciliation report.

A.  This balance is not stored.  When reconciliation starts, this balance is calculated, as the sum of all previously reconciled transactions.  That is the clue.  Look for the possibility that some reconciled transaction has been disturbed. Unfortunately, the reasons for this are numerous and very individual, but usually relate to re-visiting some old transaction.  In rare cases, the problem can be due to data damage, discussed in Chapter 26.

Q.  I start reconciliation, and QuickBooks spends a lot of time setting up a reconciliation for a different account.  How can I control which account is reconciled?

A.  Open the register for that account, before starting reconciliation. Have it displayed on top, when reconciliation is started.  You also may want to make some entries, before starting reconciliation.

Q.  The register contains a hidden transaction. XE "transaction:hidden"   The register shows an incorrect balance, XE "account balance:incorrect"  but the transaction is not there.  It is a duplicate of a real transaction.

A.  Transactions may have a wild date, well in the past, with two possible causes.  In the first, an historical transaction was entered, with a date in the past.  Then a current transaction was entered, without checking the date.  The sticky date feature kept the date of the historical entry, and used it in the current entry.  The other possibility is a simple typing error.  In either case, you can find it by scrolling up the register, or using the Go To button..

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