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This chapter is for everyone

If there is one universal necessity in business, it is getting money into the bank account XE "bank account" .  But this chapter is even more pivotal.  It includes instructions on navigating in all registers in QuickBooks.  Reading the entire chapter will probably save you time in the long run.  Experienced users may find surprises.  The sequence begins assuming that you have just completed setting up a company, as described in the previous chapter.  Instructions on operation in Windows are not included here, but may be found in chapter 23 or 24.

Launching a bank account may seem like overstating the task.  The words were chosen carefully.  With a sound foundation, and accurate data entry, each months reconciliation becomes a simple task, yielding positive results.

The bank account register is described in fine-grained detail, and it will be the only register to get this treatment.  When you have a grasp of this register, the others will come easily.  The sections following describe Make Deposits and Write checks.

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