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Dont like it?

You dont like XE "dont like"  the way something in Quickbooks works?  Change may be possible.  Prowl around in the Preferences (or Prefs ) menu (under the File menu, in QuickBooks 5.) The subject may be there.  The name may not be what you are thinking of, thus the prowl.  The view below shows the Preferences menu for QuickBooks 4 and earlier, but QuickBooks 5 users should take note.  Preferences above the line apply to all of QuickBooks, and are recorded in QBW.INI.  Those below the line are recorded in the company file.  A similar distinction applies in QuickBooks 5, although access to preferences is much different. 

Preferences in QuickBooks 5 come in a graphic menu.  Access to a few things is moved. The general distinction between QuickBooks-wide and company-specific preference items continues.

 The complete list of preference groups in QuickBooks 5 is:

  • Accounting
  • Checking
  • Finance charge
  • General
  • Iconbar
  • Jobs & Estimates
  • Payroll & Employees
  • Purchases & Vendors
  • Reminders
  • Reports & Graphs
  • Sales & Customers  (Invoicing)
  • Sales Tax
  • Tax: 1099
  • Time Tracking

TheFile and Edit menus also contain a variety of functions, and may give access to making the change you want.

Help (in most cases) is useful and to the point.  The keyboard function key F1 is the best way to open Help.  Alternatively, click on Help , and at the top of the Help menu, click Help again.   XE "help" The Help window provides access to the abundance of information that Intuit has provided on many subjects. This information is presented through the Help program, a part of Microsoft Windows, which is described in Chapter 23 and Chapter 24.

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