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A few details

Different versions of QuickBooks have different data formats.  Conversion of data from earlier versions is always provided, and the Windows versions will convert data from the DOS versions of earlier issue.  QuickBooks 4.0 for Macintosh can interchange data with QuickBooks 4.0 for windows, and later Windows versions can convert data from Macintosh version 4.0. Data from Quicken on the same computer may be converted, with limitations.  Quicken versions released in 1995 had a change in data base format, and could not be recognized by the versions of QuickBooks then running. Conversion from the very earliest versions of Quicken or QuickBooks is cumbersome, and may require special software, which Intuit supplies on request.

Network operation XE "network operation"  is XE "multi-user"  needed.  QuickBooks currently is designed for stand-alone computers.  Many people run it quite well on networks, with the program on local stations and the data on the file server.  But only one person can access this at one time.  Most of these same people say they would gladly pay for a multi-user system.  In the CompuServe QuickBooks Forum, a steady one to two percent of inquiries are asking for multi-user operation.  Close acquaintance with the existing program leads to the conclusion that it cant be modified to do this.  The market demands a multi-user program.  If it is supplied, an entirely new program is a better bet.  QuickBooks has sold on ease of use, and one would hope that a new program would be equally friendly. 

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