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Chapter 1

Getting it together

Planning your work is somewhere between worthwhile and absolutely essential.  QuickBooks always follows an accounting plan.  That plan may be whatever happens, or it may be a plan carefully devised by you and/or your accountant.  The program has many capabilities, but it also has some limitations.  Before setting up your company file, read Chapter 3, which lays out the parameters involved in devising an accounting plan.  If your company has already been set up, this chapter may give you some ideas for improvements.

Most calls in Tech Support were ho-hum, but one stands out as painful.  I will never forget talking to the man who had guided his wife into working three days, entering data into a QuickBooks DOS company file in order to get it into a report that he wanted.  I found myself having to tell him that the reporting system would just not return this data, a fact he did not want to hear.  A plan, based on knowledge of what the program can do, helps to avoid such situations.  Some time invested in trying out a small amount of data can also save much time and many headaches, to say nothing of marital strain.  This does not have to be in your real company file.  A second file can be set up as your learning place.

To deal with the details or peculiarities of working in QuickBooks, I have tried to describe its operation as correctly and completely as is feasible.  Some people will find too much detail, and others will wish for more.  I trust it will be right for most.

Now and then users see that things that just do not work properly, usually indicating problems with program or data files.  A call to Tech Support may well prove necessary, but I have included some things to try first.

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